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Earlier projects and reports

Different projects are executed within the PPC committee. Often a project idea has its origin in problems encountered by the steel works. Such problems could be difficulties finding relevant corrosion data, unexpected failures or a general need for more knowledge.

Examples of earlier investigations carried out within the PPC committee
  • Investigation of corrosion resistance of different glues for socket joining PVC and CPVC in mixed acid.

  • Status assessment of a 27-year-old polypropylene flue gas stack in the acid regeneration plant at SSAB

  • Investigation of the status of three 30-year-old PVDF piping systems from Sandvik AB exposed to 70-75 % hydrofluoric acid, 68 % nitric and 96 % sulphuric acid respectively.

  • Examination of replaced pickling baths from Outokumpu Stainless AB in Långshyttan after 6 years in service.

Project reports within the PPC

  1. Investigation of a PP pipe component used for mixed acid when pickling stain-less steel at Outokumpu Stainless Tubular Products AB in Storfors, Swerea KIMAB, Stockholm 2007. 
  2. Resistance of acid-diffusion/penetration of pultruded FRP panels exposed to 1 wt% hydrofluoric acid at 50°C, Swerea KIMAB 2008. 
  3. Investigation of the condition of PVDF piping used for 71–75% hydrofluoric acid, 68% nitric acid and 96% sulphuric acid, respectively, after 20–30 years of service, Swerea KIMAB 2008.
  4. Investigation of a sample from a 27-year-old stack of PP material in the pickling acid-recovery plant of SSAB in Borlänge, Swerea KIMAB, Stockholm 2009.
  5. Corrosion resistance of FRP materials to pickling acid environments, Swerea KIMAB, Stockholm 2010.
  6. Corrosion resistance of PVC and CPVC materials to pickling acid environments, Swerea KIMAB, Stockholm 2010.
  7. Corrosion resistance of polypropylene materials to pickling acid environments, Swerea KIMAB, Stockholm 2010.
  8. Corrosion resistance of fluoroplastic materials to pickling acid environments, Swerea KIMAB, Stockholm 2010.
  9. Corrosion properties of plastic materials in process equipment in pickling plants, Swerea KIMAB, Stockholm 2010.

  10. Investigation of failed PE100 pipeline for mixed acid, Swerea KIMAB, Stockholm 2014.

  11. Mechanical Properties of corroded CPVC PE100 and PP, Swerea KIMAB, Stockholm 2014.

  12. Repair welding in plastic material exposed to mixed acid, Swerea KIMAB, Stockholm 2015.

  13. Abrasion of Corroded CPVC, PE, PP and PVDF, Swerea KIMAB, Stockholm 2015.

  14. An investigation of how high concentration hydrochloric acid at elevated temperature affect PP, PVC and CPVC, Swerea KIMAB, Stockholm 2015.   
Updated 01/12/2015
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